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Vicky helped me with finding what we needed at Tara property management company both personal and professional she was right on it when I needed her to fix my insurance (my mistake) and our red flags rule compliance she has always been just a phone call away.   She provides

Designated Broker – Property Manager

NARPM – Past President / Treasurer NW Counties

Brian D, Small Business Pioneers, Inc.

Vicky is the embodiment of knowledge and professionalism when it comes to identity theft protection and insurance. She covers the bases no matter how thorny the issue with a confidence and expertise rarely found these days. Best of all she does with a kick butt attitude that honors and celebrates her roots in the small business sector.


I’m 20 and my mom has LegalShield and it’s super great because anytime I have a question about something, because I’m still learning how lots of things work, I can just call the  LegalShield attorneys. They call back really quick and they’re always very informative. I learn something every time, and it’s good to know that if I need their help they will do even MORE than just answering my questions, which is already a pretty big help. It makes me feel a lot more secure and adult to know that I can handle things myself using LegalShield. There is no one I would say couldn’t use this service. And it’s especially easy with Vicky since she’ll help you get the most out of it!

Sydney M – 20 year old College Student

Wanda McCallum

I’m grateful for my LegalShield membership and Vicky.  I attended a training and signed a contract that appeared to prevent my company and I from pursuing what I wanted to do with the technique I went there to learn.  Through my Georgia LegalShield Law Firm, I had a Wisconsin based attorney review the contract since the contract was written there. The attorney shared with me that it wasn’t written according to the laws of the state and could never hold up in a courtroom.  He assured me that I could use what I learned however I chose and took the time to educate me on why and how. His advice allowed me to move forward without the stress of wondering if I was operating within the law. I wouldn’t have known who to call “In Wisconsin” and wasn’t charged hourly to protect my company and my rights.    Thank You LegalShield!

Wanda McCallum, Principal  –
RTC – Resilience Training & Coaching, LLC – Marietta Georgia

Shannon McLaughlin Ives

Vicky at Methven Agency, Inc. is our LegalShield Agent and has always been available to help us and proactive in making sure we use our company plan. We’ve had LegalShield for multiple years and our employees have individual and family plans with IDShield as well. It’s great to have someone monitoring our credit at all times, an “on call” lawyer, and a user-friendly app. Personally, I have used the service to create my will and it was a fairly simple process. I definitely recommend Vicky as your LegalShield representative!

Boardwalk Real Property Management, Inc.
Member – NARPM San Antonio Chapter
San Antonio TX


Micci Naegele – Owner PMI American Forsyth

I met Vicky at the NARPM Southern States Conference. She was very professional and her follow up was amazing. Since joining LegalShield for 2 weeks, I have already used the service 4 times and the attorneys have been very responsive to my calls. Today I just added my personal coverage and upgraded my membership. This is a service every business should have!

PMI American Forsyth – Cumming Georgia
Residential, HOA & commercial property management.
NARPM Atlanta Chapter Member….

It’s a pleasure to have clients like you. ?
Thank you for being proactive and really taking advantage of the fact that you have an entire law firm on retainer…..
I’m at your Beckon Call.

Kristi Villani, Founder V-2 Properties

Vicky is probably the most enthusiastic person on your side that you could ever ask for! She very clearly wants to make sure that you know how/when/why to use LegalShield and all of the services that Vicky provides. I could not, nor would not be in business without her services!

Kristi Villani – Founder – V2 Properties – Gresham Oregon
Member & Past President NARPM – Greater Portland Chapter

It has been a pleasure to have you as a client all these years. You run a super tight ship and I’m proud to be your agent.
Thanks for such kind words.

Lisa Moran – Business Professional

I’ve been a LegalShield client for many years now. Just a regular family plan and ID Shield for us. It’s often nice to know it’s there just in case…  It’s nice to know we have an agent who will always be there to help us…
One time when I used the service, I had been in a car crash where I was not at fault. After recovering from my injuries, I was offered a settlement by the other driver’s insurance. I wasn’t sure if the settlement was fair, so I called the law firm for advice. The lawyer let me know that the offer seemed low based on car damage, medical bills, etc. She suggested how I could talk to the claims adjuster to get to a better settlement. That advice gained me nearly $2K. That paid for the legal service for many years to come!
Vicky took the time to coach My son to use the service as well. As a college student, he wasn’t having luck getting on-campus housing. He had paid a $500 application deposit type fee for an off-campus room he was looking to rent. We didn’t get to see the room he was going to rent and he hadn’t signed a lease. The landlords of the off-campus room had said we could get that deposit back if he changed his mind. Then, a spot on campus came available. When he asked for the deposit back, suddenly there was this back and forth, he caused them to lose rent, etc. and maybe they would give him half of the deposit back. So he called the law firm. Got informed on his rights as a renter. The landlords were required to refund him the full deposit. He even had the legal code to reference. So he firmly, with knowledge in hand, told the landlord to give him his money or face him in small claims court. He eventually got the full deposit back. And a good lesson learned for a 19 year old!
Honestly, I probably don’t take advantage of my service as often as I could. I have used it for other matters through the years and I find it to be very valuable. When you need it, it sure is nice to have it there (insurance works that way)!

Michele Rozinek, Owner Property Mgmt Companies

LegalShield is phenomenal. Before them, I spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on legal fees. Once Vicky Methven turned me on to LegalShield, that cost dwindled to next to nothing. I don’t need an attorney every day, but when I do, LegalShield is there to back me up for pennies on the dollar.
Vicky spent a lot of energy getting me to use LegalShield. I signed up, but then never used them, “Until I did”. Once I did, after her urging me, I found out how easy it was to use them. We all hate to try something new and why can’t I just call the guy I know…well because the guy I know charges me $325/hour for fractions of minutes of his time.
Then I used LegalShield to help me collect a commission due to me, for which I was not getting any traction. With one letter, I got a call from the former client asking me to settle for half, I said fine and got a check for $5000 in the mail in a few days. I NEVER would have got that without LegalShield.
I use them to review contracts, help with forms and help collect debt from former clients. It really is very easy.

I would have done none of this without Vicky urging me to use them, nagging really, but it worked.  She hated to see my spending money and not using the service. She is so knowledgeable and really cuts through all the red tape to help you. She is terrific and always there. She has my back, that is the way I feel.

  • Michele Rozinek – Broker Owner
  • John L Scott Property Management – Seattle
  • Member and Past President – NARPM – King County Chapter

Brittany Thompson – Real Estate Broker

Vicky has helped me navigate and avoid so many pitfalls in my personal & corporate life by making sure I know how to use my LegalShield memberships for my family and for my real estate business! I’ve been a member for years and can’t imagine not having the peace of mind Vicky and my LegalShield memberships bring to me. Always knowing that Vicky can get me to the right resources! What an asset to my family and my business!

Brittany Thompson – Duo Realty Group



Mia Fairly, Real Estate Broker and Property Manager

Vicky, has helped me navigate through the LegalShield Network and helps me use my service more. She has shown me, what a great advantage LegalShield can add to our team saving us time and money.  Not only is Vicky knowledgeable in regards to LegalShield, she has a wealth of knowledge all areas of property management and a great resource.  I even refer my clients to Vicky to help them.   Thanks Vicky for helping my business.  I’m glad we met through NARPM.

Mia Fairly

NARPM member Atlanta Chapter

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